of Nany Goat






Made from the fleece of the Angora goat, mohair is renowned as one of the natural fibers

the most luxurious in the world: its luster, its shine and its touch make it possible to obtain

shimmering and lasting colors.

Passionate breeders, we got together and founded our transformation association.

All our products are identified by the sign of quality represented by this label.

This mark with demanding standards is your guarantee of irreproachable quality.


We make the commitment:

• to use exclusively for our articles mohair from our farms

• to breed our angora goats with respect for animal welfare

• to entrust the transformation of our fleeces to the best French and Italian manufacturers

• to use dyes for our dyes that meet all European standards (Oeko-tex, CE Reach)

• to work with respect for all our partners.



You like our products, we make very to deserve your confidence.



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