Terms and conditions


Company name LA TOISON DOUCE
Head office 1 Jeandelese
Zip code 33124
Country FRANCE
Phone 05 56 65 32 74
E-mail latoisondouce@orange.fr
Web site laine-mohair.com
Siret No. 80055180600014
APE/NAF code 012C

The whole web site is owned by LA TOISON DOUCE, as is all of the rights linked to it. All pages within this web site are subject to copyright laws are the intellectual property of LA TOISON DOUCE. You may not reproduce, copy or redistribute any design or layout aspects of this web site design, pages or logos without the express written permission of the owners. However, hypertext links to the site are allowed without requesting.

1. Terms and Conditions
The client admits to be aware of the selling conditions mentioned here when he/she orders. The client declares that he accepts these conditions without any reservations. These general conditions control the contractual relations between LA TOISON DOUCE and the client, the two parties accepting those conditions without any reservations. These terms and conditions prevail to any other terms and conditions mentioned in any other document, except when a prerequisite derogation, written or expressed, is made.

2. Products
The photographies of the products are not contractual. If any mistake may be found, the accountability of LA TOISON DOUCE will not, in any case, be involved. Most of the products on the website are available in our premises.

3. Order
The autosave system is considered as an evidence of the order's content, nature and date. LA TOISON DOUCE confirms to have accepted the client's order in a response e-mail at the e-mail address first given by the client. The sale is clinched after the confirmation of the order. LA TOISON DOUCE reserves the right to cancel any order made by a client who would have failed to pay his/her order in the past. The informations given by the client, when he/she orders, commits himself or herself : in case of a mistake made by the client in the method of the recipient's address, LA TOISON DOUCE cannot be held responsible for being unable to deliver the product.

4. Delivery
When the order is confirmed, LA TOISON DOUCE commits itself to deliver, at the address recorded, all the products ordered by the client, and to deliver them as quickly as possible. Besides, for the deliveries outside metropolitan France, the client commits himself or herself to pay any import taxes, customs duties, taxes on value added, or any other taxes due to the foreign country's laws. Every order submitted at LA TOISON DOUCE and delivered to the client or to the recipient is for personal use only and is not legal for trade. LA TOISON DOUCE denies any legal responsibilities if the client fails to pay any of the taxes above-mentioned. The delivery will be made in metropolitan France with La Poste. The client may not ask for compensatory damages if the delivery is delayed. The deliveries inside the EU are also made with La Poste. The deliveries outside the EU are made with international postal services or with chronopost, depending on the client's choice. In case of an open defect of the product, the customer has the right to return it in the conditions mentioned here. Wars, riots, fires, strikes, accidents, and the impossibility of being stocked are considered as acts of God and relieve the vendor of any responsibilities. The goods in transit are at the cost and risk of the purchaser. You may always check your package when delivered. If the product has been damaged, you may refer your complaints within 48 hours after receiving the package. If all the supplies are not available, the order may be delivered to the client in several times. In this case, the client may only pay for one delivery. If the client wishes to be delivered at two different places, he/she may orders twice, and pay twice for the delivery charges.

5. Retractation
After receiving the package, you have 7 days at your disposal to make up your mind. To change the product or to get your money back, you may return the intact good(s), with all its (their) accessories, maufacturer's instructions, etc, in its (their) original package(s), at the following address: latoisondouce@laine-mohair.com
In case of a retractation, LA TOISON DOUCE is bound to pay off the client, without any fees, except the return fees. The reimbursement is made within 15 days. This right of retractation does not involve embroidery model samplers or embroidery threads. Please join a bank account number with the turned over article so that we can carry out his refunding.

6. Price
All the prices are written in euros. The prices mentioned do no include the freight charges. The price noted in the order's confirmation is the final price. No taxes. The price of the products, the handling costs, the packing costs and the freight charges are included in that price.

7. Payment
The invoice which must be paid by the client is the price mentioned on the order's confirmation made by LA TOISON DOUCE. The products are payable in cash from the day the order is made. The payment is made with a credit card with the logo CB on it or with a cashier's cheque in euros drawn on a French bank. CYBER MUT on-line is a Credit Agricole payment system using the best security available on the web. Your credit card number is sent to the bank servers, your payment is direct and highly secure, since it is made with a bank and not through the virtual shop's server. It is a guarantee that your card numbers are only seen by our bank partner Le Credit Agricole . The order selected by the client is taken into account only when the banks have allowed the transaction. If they do not, the order is automatically cancelled and the client informed of it in an e-mail. Besides, the owners reserve the right to cancel any order whith a client LA TOISON DOUCE have already had disputes with.

8. Disputes
The contract is subject to French laws. LA TOISON DOUCE is not responsible for any damages, material or corporal, due to a misuse of the products sold by the vendor. Likewise, LA TOISON DOUCE is not responsible for any modifications due to the manufacturers. LA TOISON DOUCE's responsibility will be limited to the amount of the order and the owners cannot be held responsible for mistakes or omissions which may occur despite the cares given to the products. In case of problems with the contract's application, the purchaser, before appealing to the court, may try to find an amicable arrangement and may be helped by: a professional association, a consumer protection's association, or by any other advisors. Trying to find an amicable arrangement does not stop the strict deadline of the legal guarantee, neither is interrupted the contractual guarantee period. Usually, and subject to the Courts, the respect for the contract's conditions related to the contractual guarantee implies that the purchaser must honor his/her commitments to the vendor. The potential complaints or protests will be listened to with an attentive benevolence, the client's good faith being always presumed. In case of a dispute, the client will first try to find a amicable arrangement with the company. If the two parties cannot find an arrangement, the Trade Court in Bordeaux is the only one competent to deal with the matter, no matter where the delivery takes place and the method of payment.

9. Responsibility
LA TOISON DOUCE does not incur any responsibilities concerning the distribution of the goods on the web site.