General standards and qualities of this natural fibre

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Difference between the wool mohair and the Ankara wool :

The mohair is the wool of the angora's goat, the hair of angora rabbit is called Ankara. As one and the other bears the same name (angora) that lends to confusion.

The province of Ankara in Turkey gave its name to the goat of Ankara, then of Ankara, the word has been deformed to become angora.

MOHAIR, an exceptional fibre for its softness and its heat !

It is the fibre particularly appreciated for its insulating qualities and its extreme lightness. It also offers a touch of a great softness !

MOHAIR a single fibre with whole share

Chosen pure or mixed according to the properties and from esthetics sought, the MOHAIR OF the FARMS OF FRANCE is distinguished from the industrial mohair by its sensuality, its softness and its profusion. It is a mohair which has heart.

MOHAIR OF the FARMS OF FRANCE a fairyhood of colors

Thanks to the very particular provision of the scales of fibre, the MOHAIR has a particular affinity with the dyeing and a single reflection, who illuminates the colors and allows hundreds of nuances. These hues are raised by the exceptional gloss of the matter; they deteriorate neither in time nor with washing.

The MOHAIR OF the FARMS OF FRANCE is inimitable

Rigorous genetic selection, gives after six months of attentive care, fibres MOHAIR to the incomparable smoothness.
Twice a year, we collect the mohair which systematically is sorted and classified in various categories according to its smoothness: kid-mohair or mohair of kids, mohair of the young people, mohair of the adults.

The MOHAIR OF the FARMS OF FRANCE is controlled

After the sorting, the MOHAIR is then analyzed by an approved laboratory. He is then entrusted to the best home-workers where he is carefully removed from all impurities, then washed and disentangled by carding.
The mohair is then combed in ribbons which will be transformed into various wire intended for weavings or knittings.

MOHAIR OF the FARMS OF FRANCE, a natural, healthy, and durable comfort total.

The MOHAIR is an alive fibre. Thanks to its raised adiathermic property, as soon as the weather is cold, the MOHAIR inflates air and forms between the skin and clothing or the cover, a kind of insulating “feather bed”.

The MOHAIR breathes. If the weather is hot, it absorbs the moisture of the body and exports it towards outside. If the weather is wet, it retains moisture on the surface. Thus the body lives with dryness.

The MOHAIR is very resistant. One uses it out of velvet of furnishing, in mural tapestries.

The MOHAIR does not ignite, is consumed slowly, protected and isolated from fire.

The MOHAIR does not retain the odors (tobacco, crackling, smoke) and very little dirtiness.

The MOHAIR is washed out of machine programs wool, is dried flat and in the shade before restoring all its qualities of flexibility, lightness and comfort.