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  • kid mohair Balls of mohair

    The secret of the mohair wool is in the clock of time. How the man created in 3 days, nature forged it in 3000 years ! No fibre manufactured in speed will be able to compete with the natural matters such as the wool and the mohair. We have the hour, our goats have time and express it in the course of the years to us.

  • kid mohair Mohair socks

    Very resistant, these socks in kid mohair (the finest mohair) are re-meshed in a traditional way and guarantee an optimal comfort to you: no the seam, therefore not of extra thickness. They take the odors very little and the feet with dryness maintain well.

  • kid mohair Mohair Blankets - Mohair Throws

    Weaving of French manufacture, wire 100% mohair, 2 times hotter and 2 times lighter than the wool blankets.

  • kid mohair Gloves

    Our gloves and our mittens are knitted with a wire kid mohair: finest and softest fibres of our goats mohair and a silk wire, another noble fibre which Marie perfectly with the mohair.

  • kid mohair Mohair stoles - Mohair scarves

    Woven or knitted these scarves and stoles will bring refinement and elegance to you. The exceptional gloss of the mohair characteristic of this natural matter, accentuates the luminosity of the colors.

  • kid mohair Slippers & Mohair Rugs

    Composed of sheepskin turned over and bordered of skin in mohair, these slippers will surprise you by their comfort, their heat and their lightness.

  • kid mohair Bonnets - Berets

    Turn of neck to the rower we make for you bonnets, berets, caps with the hook, caps and flowers with the hook whose softness and heat of the mohair will charm you.

  • kid mohair Sweaters & Ponchos in mohair

    Our special attention and daily to feed our goats mohair with the best delicacies of which they raffolent, gives the opportunity to us to collect every 6 months of fibres of an extreme softness. Poncho, fine ultra sweater and turtleneck, are articles which one can carry to same the skin.

  • kid mohair Accessories

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