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Small, soft things to slip around your neck, to put on your shoulders or for give a touch of originality to...

Turn of neck

80% kid mohair20% Silk Knitting makes hand Can be declined in all the colours of the "Mohair Plume". An article easy to carry, easy to offer, easy to put in its bag. You will take it along everywhere.To choose the color, to refer to the...
22,00 €

Collar hood

80% kid mohair20% silkH 40cm X L 30 cm approx. Déclinable in all the colors of theMohair Plume.Knitting makes hand with the needles in mohair plucks in multiple openwork points, this collar hood also called snood, will heat your neck...
32,00 €

Chauffe épaule

100% Kid Mohair Knitting makes hand. Do not fear any more the draughts or the blows of tiredness, thanks to this small heating-shoulder which you will keep with your range in all circumstances and which will leave you the freehands. Edge...
65,00 €

Flowers with the hook

This small flower with the hook made in “Mohair Feather” will égayera your caps, bonnets and berets.One can sew it or pin it. Also goes stitches some on a stole, a sweater or a jacket.knit with all the colors of ourMohair Plume. Time 3 days
2,00 €