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Our gloves and our mittens are knitted with a wire kid mohair: finest and softest fibres of our goats mohair and a...

Mohair gloves

70% kid mohair30% silk These gloves in mohair of kid are the concentrate of all qualities of this fibre which are softness, heat, the flexibility and comfort.

Mohair mittens

77% kid mohair 23% silk Made with the hook, our mittens can be declined in all the visible colours of the wire to knit with our Mohair Plume.Single size. knitted hand. One week waiting time to make it.

Mohair mittens

70% kid Mohair 30% Silk Single size Of the same composition than our gloves, these mittens are made by a French home-worker. While maintaining well your hands with the heat, they leave the end of the free fingers what makes it possible...