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Weaving of French manufacture, wire 100% mohair, 2 times hotter and 2 times lighter than the wool blankets.

Small throws 100% Mohair

100% mohair 350 gr/m2 Size 110cm x 130cm Woven in a wire 100% mohair scraped beforehand to give him inflating, this plaid will be appreciated the evenings of winter. Posed on the knees or the shoulders, you will feel the feeling of a...
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Throws 100% mohair

100% mohair 350 gr/m2Size 130cm x 180cm Its intermediate size enters the small cover and the small plaid, fact of this splendid plaid 100% mohair an accessory general-purpose, very light, very hot and very comfortable. Its bright colors...
149,00 €

Throw knitted

Knitted 100% Mohair French manufacture.Marrowy and flexible plaid to wrap itself with the corner of fire with a good novel or a cup of tea! Knitted in large meshs in an openwork point “Sheets”. A beautiful whole on its settee or its...
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Petite couverture 100% mohair
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Mohair Blanket

100% mohair400gr/m2 Size: 1,80m x 2,40mWarm and light Very light and very heat. Its adiathermic property (capacity to keep heat) is 2 times higher than for a wool blanket while being 2 times lighter.
250,00 €
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Grande cuverture 100% mohair
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Large mohair Blanket

100% mohair400gr/m2 Size: 240cm x 240cmWarm and light Marrowy, vaporous, light and very heat, you will blottirez yourselves there as in a nest soft for resting and serene nights. You will be able only to make beautiful dreams !
320,00 €
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100% Mohair 0,40 m x 0,40 m Wrap cushion with reduction, knitted in large meshs in an openwork point “Sheets”.Delivered with the cushion.One can match them with the plaids knitted in the same point.
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